Mel Grams

Ordained to the ministry in 1951 in Wisconsin. Along with Verna, my wife, we have served in continuous ministry as Pastor, Teacher and Administrator for fifty-six years.

Ministry Specifics
Served as pastor in Wisconsin, Oregon, California, Missouri, Germany and Hawaii. Served in missions in Liberia and Nigeria in West Africa. Also served in the Republic of South Africa, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany. We have taught in Schools of Evangelism and Discipleship Training Schools in Switzerland, Germany, France, Portugal and the USA with Youth With A Mission and Teen Challenge.Co-founder of the Genesis Discipleship Training Center in California. Served as the Academic Dean of Continental Bible College in Brussels, Belgium. Served as the Academic Dean of the International Correspondence Institute of the Assemblies of God. Served as Director of Training for Eurasia Teen Challenge. Traveled extensively in a teaching ministry in churches throughout Europe for many years.We are presently traveling in a teaching ministry wherever God opens doors. We have had recent ministry in West Africa, The Czech Republic, Portugal, Germany and Switzerland.

My Heart's Desire by Mel GramsMel Grams is author of My Heart's Desire.

"My Heart's Desire reflects the deep longings of the author's heart. It is a cry to have a heart that reflects the life of Jesus. This desire has grown during the past fifty-three years of ministry. Three family experiences produced a new realization of what Jesus is like and caused this author to ask for a JESUS HEART. Consequently, the book, My Heart's Desire, reflects the deep longings of a heart after God." (adapted from the back cover)



Twenty-five years ago I started to write a book about the Lord's
working in our lives as a family. Only recently I felt that this project needed to be completed for my children, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Several friends read parts of the manuscript and felt that the book would minister to more than just the family. Recently the book was finished. It is called THE WINDING ROAD. An old friend of mine has put together a promo for me to share with all of you. This gives you an idea of what the book is all about.



My Heart's Desire by Mel GramsIn this easy to read booklet, Mel Grams points out that to have a godly marriage, both partners must submit themselves to the Lordship of Jesus Christ. This is more than just attending church or trying to be good. This is surrendering our plans to Jesus and living according to His teachings in the New Testament. It is not only coming into a personal relationship with Jesus, but making a daily commitment to follow Him and obey His teachings.

A godly marriage is not a religious marriage—it is a truly joyful union where husband and wife love each other because Christ’s love fills their hearts. In this book Mel reveals five steps toward having a successful Christian marriage. Suggested Donation $5.00, 31 pages.

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