Becky DeWett

Becky has served in the Kyiv, Ukraine area for over 15 years. She is actively involved in consulting with Christian schools in Ukraine and other countries of the former Soviet Union. She leads seminars, assists in teacher evaluations, and conducts workshops to assist the Christian schools that have begun in this area of the world. 

Becky also is actively involved in work with two local orphanages.  In one, she teaches English to teenagers and spends time playing with the children.  She is actively seeking avenues to help improve the lives of the orphans in this orphanages through donations, education, and participation.  In the second orphanage, she helps translate material that is used to raise interest and support for this private orphanage. 

Becky longs to open a home to help provide in two ways.  First and foremost, a home for orphans in transition.  At the age of 16–18, orphans in Ukraine graduate from the system and are left to their own resources.  These children are alone, unprepared, and lonely.  House of Hope will be a safe for these children as they transition into the "real" world. The second goal of House of Hope is to provide "hospitality" for travelers through this area—specifically those working in orphanages on short term projects, or parents in the process of adoption. While only a dream at this point, Becky believes that God will provide the resources necessary to develop this vision to reality.

If you would like to support Becky or House of Hope, you may do so through EEO, Inc.  Please be sure to denote to which account you are donating, and mark "House of Hope" on any donations specifically for that project.