Miguel & Dália Castro

The Castro family is serving the Lord in Fafe, Portugal since July 1989 with a Church Plant ministry. We have also the vision to be involved with other evangelistic ministries strategies reaching the North of Portugal for Jesus Christ. These ministries besides the church plant are focused in four main areas:

  1. COMACEP (since 1990) as delegates disseminating in the schools and in the evangelical churches the classes of EMRE (Moral and Religious Evangelical Education) and coordinating the placement of EMRE teachers in public schools in the District of Braga.
  2. We also are involved with ministry with couples: Encounter of Couples with Christ (since 2002) and Married Forever (since 2010).
  3. We are also involved with youth ministry such as Youth Encounter with Christ (since 2005) and camps in English: English Camp (teenagers since 2002) and Awsome Summer Camp (youth since 2015).
  4. We also are involved in web counseling ministry at http://pazcomdeus.net/ (since 2010).