Teen Challenge Netherlands

We´ve been working in the Netherlands for 8 years now, however our work for Teen Challenge has changed. Since 2011, we´ve been pastors of a Full Gospel Church, the Ark, in North Holland. Based on the great need among young people in the area we have set-up a youth center called The Gate. As a result of the opening of The Gate, there has been a tremendous response from churches and pastors to start these Teen Challenge Youth centers (The Gate) in their own areas. We have been working to facilitate opening as many youth centers for Teen Challenge in the area as possible. Since the fall of 2012, has Eric not only been pastoring the church, but serving as an ambassador for Teen Challenge Netherlands. All funds and monies donated go directly to facilitating youth centers and youth workers. Your monthly contributions help support a healthy, functional youth center which operates 5 days a week and also a youth worker with one day a week salary. All additional monies that come in via supporters will be used to facilitate more youth centers and more youth workers.

Since the end of 2012, Reina has been given the assignment to start a Teen Challenge rehab center for woman. The plan is to set up a residential center for 8 to 16 women and 4 single parent families. Currently, we are in the start-up phase and almost purchase phase of buying a farm and turning it into a rehab center by the beginning of 2014. All monies or proceeds should be earmarked to : "Teen Challenge Women´s Home Holland."