Teen Challenge Netherlands

The Netherlands is located in the northwest corner of the continent of Europe - its largest city being Amsterdam. Over 40 years ago, the first Teen Challenge ministry in Europe was founded in the Netherlands (1969). Teen Challenge spread out to the rest of Europe and Asia and many more centers were founded ever since. Unfortunately Teen Challenge Netherlands lost many centers during the years and became small. At the end of 2009 the last rehab center left in the Netherlands was about to close its doors. Stephan and Marianne Barendse obeyed to the call of God and moved to that center. Together with a new team they’re rebuilding Teen Challenge Netherlands to see it grow spiritually and in size, to see many lives changed for His glory.

Stephan is the son of a Dutch missionary couple and was born in Germany. He went to Zion Bible College in the United States (RI) and has his Bachelor’s degree in Theology. Stephan is an evangelist and has worked for Teen Challenge since 2006. He is an ETC Board member. Stephan and Marianne were married in June 2007. Marianne has her Master’s degree in the Dutch Language and Culture and works as a translator and text writer. She translated the TC Curriculum and other TC documents into Dutch.

Stephan serves as the national Teen Challenge director and is currently overseeing the rehab center. He continues to be involved with other major Evangelism outreach projects in the Netherlands.


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